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Image a world where chronic illnesses are no longer seen as a life sentence, conditions to be managed rather than treated, and where 100 percent recovery is the objective. In this world, patients are empowered to be active participants in their own healing, and healing is approached as an integrated mind-body-spirit process—what we call “Healing Beyond Labels.”

Honey2Healing aims to bring patients closer to that world, by sharing resources and telling its founder’s story. Kristen T. Honey, PhD, suffered from misdiagnosed Lyme disease for over 10 years, and has achieved full recovery. Kristen knows how hopeless patients can feel in the midst of their illness, but ultimately her story has a message of hope. After ten years of misdiagnoses and tertiary neurological Lyme disease with coinfections, today Kristen works full-time and enjoys a healthy, rich life—successful, thriving, and symptom-free with aims for Paying It Forward.

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