Healing Beyond Labels

People ask, “When will you write a book to share your full Lyme recovery and healing journey?”

Dr. Honey’s answer is —

The book is underway, currently entitled “Healing Beyond Labels”. The final chapter, however, is still unfolding. Dr. Honey will publish her biography only after this last chapter is 100% finished. This last chapter chronicles how the novel IV nano-mineral solution — which Dr. Honey pioneered and calls her “lynchpin” for Lyme recovery and thriving wellness — has been patented using open-source intellectual property (IP) and published to benefit humanity using open data, open science, and open-source medicine. Once the IV nano-mineral solution is freely available to everyone on earth — ushering in a new scientific paradigm and next-gen era of medicine that puts PEOPLE and PURPOSE before profits, papers, or patents — “Healing Beyond Labels” will be complete and published.

If you or your organization wish to support Dr. Honey’s vision to bring this IV nano-mineral solution to market through open-source IP and open-source medicine, we welcome contributions and collaborations.

We are all connected. #OneForAll #AllForOne


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