Our mission is to provide scientific understanding, educational resources, and support to individuals and families struggling with a invisible illness. We believe that empowering patients with information and access to a safe, stable, healthy, and nurturing environment is the only way to achieve recovery.

Honey2Healing was started by Kristen T. Honey, PhD, herself a Lyme survivor who achieved full recovery. The name “Honey2Healing” was inspired by Kristen’s beloved, late mother, Honey Honey who provided so much support during Kristen’s illness.

Read Dr. Kristen Honey’s story and learn how she went from Stanford PhD to food stamps … and back!


Cape Town 2007Kristen has been an invited speaker at the White House, Stanford University MedX , Harvard University, LymeAid , Princeton University, and a variety of events listed in the News section . She openly shares her personal “Healing Beyond Labels” journey with the world to help others recover from late-stage Lyme disease.

Kristen volunteers to “Pay It Forward” — to take what she learned throughout her own recovery and use it to educate and inspire others. Together, we can learn from each other and benefit by sharing our experiences with invisible illnesses. Healing and thriving in life will look different for everyone, yet we are each entitled to it.

If you’d like Kristen to speak to your organization, please contact her via Twitter @khoney.

Rest. Breathe. Sleep. Pray.
Accept. Surrender.